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3 Steps to Overcome Your Greatest Food Weaknesses

Emotional Eater? Overcome your Food Weaknesses with 3 Steps

Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! I’m not in Houston, TX anymore (well, at least for a few more days), but my awesome guest blogger, Kristen Baker, is and offered to stop by and represent the city for me.
Kidding! She’s really here for an even better reason: To give you some awesome tips for overcoming food weaknesses.

If you have certain foods that you turn to again and again and they only end up keeping you from your weight loss goals, this video is for you! You’re going to love learning how to overcome your food weaknesses once and for all!
Watch the video and join my special guest, Kristen Baker, a Rowdy Life and Success Coach (and anti-willpower queen) as she walks us through a 3 step process and walk away knowing: one reason you have the weakness, a sustainable (NOT WILLPOWER!) way to release their grip on you, and how overcoming your food weaknesses can change your whole life for the better, not just your health!


Looking for Kristen’s free gifts? Grab her not-your-average Food Journal for health success and a guided audio to really keep you on track HERE!
Find out more about Kristen and what she is up to here: www.kristenbakercoach.com. Your health can be the gateway to unleashing a bigger, more joyful and energized life than you ever imagined!!

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