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Weight Loss Challenges vs. the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

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Weight Loss Challenges Don’t Lead to Lasting Results

Have you ever participated in a weight loss challenge at work or your local gym?

I'll be honest-when I worked as a Wellness Center Director, I used to run weight loss challenges often. They were a great way to get people back to the gym and motivated to make healthy changes.

Or so I thought!

As I dug deeper into the research and reflected on some of the "Biggest Loser" Challenges I hosted, I realized that 99.9% of the time these programs weren't able to help the participants enjoy lasting results.

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Why don't weight loss challenges work?

Think about the last weight loss challenge you participated in or heard about.

Even if the challenge’s leader provided realistic fitness tips and healthy eating advice (not the case on reality tv!), how many people used those tips and ended up the “biggest loser?” If you asked them to be honest, the answer would be that not many, if any, followed the full challenge guidelines.

Even if participants start off doing things the healthy way and showing they weigh less at each weigh-in, they will undoubtedly hit a weight plateau. ​

When this happens, weight loss challenge participants have one of three options:

1. To “cheat” and go on an extreme diet to get results.

2. To give up on the challenge and feel defeated.
3. To stick with the challenge, but resign themselves to not being able to "win." 

All are unfortunate, because many people who commit to healthy habits in these weight loss challenges are actually making progress. However, the scale won't reflect that week after week!

Those who have gone on the most diets in the past will witness this "failure" the MOST frequently, because the body is trying to build lean tissue which WILL help them weigh less in the long term, but not week after week as is the goal in a weight loss challenge. 

Those who starve their way to success may win the “biggest loser” title, but they won’t win in the long run.

Extreme weight loss and dieting only guarantee that you will make your metabolism slower and gain more weight in the future. When you go on an extreme diet, you are destroying your body's lean tissue, the tissue that helps it burn more calories even when you sleep. This is why if you've gone on diet after diet, you'll feel like a failure-it's harder each time to lose weight when your metabolism is so low from dieting! 

The truth? You are NOT a failure-diets are!

So what CAN you do, if you're motivated by a group program and know you need to make changes in your life?

Join our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge program!

How is the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge Different?​

Check out my weight loss challenge vs. Drop 2 Sizes Challenge cheat sheet below. 

Weight Loss Challenges vs. The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge:

Weight Loss Challenge

  • Focus on a number on a scale and weekly weigh-ins - competition is FIERCE!
  • Strict, extreme measures and/or dieting used to reach weight goals
  • If you don't lose weight each week, you feel like a failure even if you are moving more and eating healthy. While you might be making progress, the fact that the scale doesn't show that can lead to destructive behaviors
  • Only one or a few "winners," the ones who lose the most weight
  • "Biggest Losers" might win on the last weigh-in day, but rarely are successful in the long term 

Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

  • Focus on how well you fit in your clothes and be part of a SUPPORT group
  • Daily health tips and focus points,  home-based strength training workouts and group health coaching to support you in making small changes that will result in 2 sizes lost in 10 weeks AND healthy lifestyle changes that will last after the challenge
  • Everyone who participates in the challenge and follows the home workout routines and makes the healthy lifestyle changes that make the most sense for them will win! Results and habits will last beyond the 10 week program.

Oh! One more thing that's different...

I guarantee you will lose 2 dress sizes if you do what I tell you to do during the 10 weeks OR you'll get your money back!

I'd say it's worth the risk to throw out your scale, stop your current diet, and start living life!

Head HERE to  get on the wait list for our next round. I know you won't regret it and I can't wait to celebrate you 2 sizes smaller and loving life 😉 

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