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5 tips to keep fit while traveling

It’s the summer, the kids are free from school, or you’re jet-setting off to exotic locations. Staying fit and eating healthy will seem like a challenge or just not on your mind at all. We’ve got you covered with these tips that are sure to help keep you fit without making you feel like you can’t have that cocktail!

1. Be active

When you’re going on vacation, what are some things that you love to do? When you love exploring new places, it’s not that hard to stay active. For instance, you can go hiking, or do a (guided) city walking tour. Or if you’re into running, you can explore your new surroundings on your morning run.

Other things you can do is hit the pool in the morning to swim a few laps (that’s also a great way to wake up!), or take surfing lessons if you’re close to the beach. There are so many options and possibilities that it’s up to you what you want to do and what fits your interests.

Need some inspiration? When it comes to staying fit and losing weight while traveling Kelly Chase is our favorite example! On the Fit fifteen, she shared how she lost 85 lbs in a year while traveling the world.

2. Set commitments

Accountability is a great way to keep you on track. Taking group classes is not only fun when you skip a class people will ask why you weren’t there. Sometimes knowing that someone else is waiting for you to show up is reason enough to show up too. At Fit Armadillo we now offer online small group fitness classes as well.

Another thing to try is something small like committing to a fitness challenge. Or if you’re really ready to commit, we’re starting a new ‘Drop 2 Sizes Challenge’ in the fall. You can sign up for the wait list here. We’ve also talked to past participant Megan Snelleron on the podcast about her experiences with the challenge.

Working with a coach is also a great way to stay accountable. Our 1-on-1 virtual fitness sessions are perfect for that. Prefer working out with a group? Our new online small group fitness classes might be the motivation you need.

3. Online workouts

Are you on the go too much to commit to a regular time to workout? Then using online workout videos might be a great thing to try! They are easily accessible, and you can do them whenever it works for you. We have some great ones to help you get started. Such as this AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) Workout or an 18-minute workout that’s sure to make you sweat. Following along with these workouts becomes even easier when you have your home gym set up.

4. A little bit every day

Are you too busy? No worries, if you do a little bit every day, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. How about 10 minutes of stretching or yoga in the morning? Or a 10-minute abs workout?

No time to workout? How about you focus on your meals instead? For example, make sure that at least half of your plate is filled with vegetables. That’s a great way to stay healthy and ensure that you get enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals in a day. Couple that with drinking plenty of clear water and you still make a positive contribution to your health and fitness.

To help you get started you can try Briana’s Quick Ab Workout with three new plank positions for you to try. The video is only under 3 minutes, so you’ll be able to fit it in anywhere during your day! Or if you’re looking for a longer workout, such as yoga, Kayla has a great yoga flow for runners.

5. Just enjoy it and relax!

But above everything else: enjoy your vacation! Sometimes we are so focused on staying fit and healthy that we forget to enjoy our time off. We need to take time off and relax to recharge. So don’t feel bad when you take a rest day on vacation. Resting is an essential part of fitness and training too!

Want to learn more about our upcoming challenge? We’re starting a new ‘Drop 2 Sizes Challenge’ in the fall. You can sign up for the waiting list here.  

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