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Benefits of Pilates: Decreasing Back Pain

benefits of pilates exercises for back pain

What are the benefits of Pilates?

While Pilates has many benefits, it's often overlooked when people start a fitness journey.

This is a HUGE mistake!

Pilates might not be known for its weight loss benefits, one of the most common reasons people start a fitness routine. However, adding Pilates to your workout routine, especially private Pilates sessions, can be extremely helpful no matter what your personal healthy lifestyle goals might be.

One of the reasons Pilates is such a wonderful fitness format is that it helps you address and fix your posture at a level that just doesn't happen in other fitness classes.  And if you don't have good posture and alignment during boot camp, your online personal training session, on a run, or even while you work at your desk, you can easily set yourself up for a host of issues and injuries in the future. 

Certified Pilates Instructor, Harjit, is here to share how small postural imbalances can impact your daily movement and how even one simple Pilates exercise can help you overcome back pain and help you enjoy additional fitness benefits. 

Learn how a private Pilates session could help you:

Now that you've watched this video, it's time to take action!

​As you can see from this video, it really takes a trained eye to identify some of the subtleties of your posture and why you might not be maintaining your personal neutral alignment. Luckily, small adjustments can really make a big difference in helping you feel your best.

If your doctor has cleared you for fitness sessions, you might want to try a private Pilates session! Harjit can work with you 1-on-1 to create a routine that will help you move better and feel better.

Harjit is also our Trainer of the Month for July!

Book with her now-7/31 to enjoy a private online Pilates session for up to $20 off to celebrate her Trainer of the Month status!​

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To help us figure out if we should add online Pilates classes in addition to Private online Pilates sessions, Harjit has created a survey and one lucky participant will win a 1-on-1 session with her! Learn more HERE. ​

Have you tried Pilates yet? Do you have any questions about this format or some of the benefits of Pilates? Before you leave be sure to share your feedback or ask a question in the comments below:

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