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Benefits of Pilates: Decreasing Back Pain

benefits of pilates exercises for back pain

What are the benefits of Pilates?While Pilates has many benefits, it’s often overlooked when people start a fitness journey. This is a HUGE mistake! Pilates might not be known for its weight loss benefits, one of the most common reasons people start a fitness routine. However, adding Pilates to your workout routine, especially private Pilates sessions, can be extremely helpful no […]

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Pilates at Home

pilates at home online fitness classes online pilates session

Want to enjoy Pilates at home?Certified Pilates Instructor, Harjit, is our newest online fitness trainer and she’s now available for Private Pilates Sessions. Check out her personal booking page HERE to snag a session with her this week. Can’t afford regular private Pilates sessions, but want to enjoy the many benefits of this mind-body exercise from the […]

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How to Have a Good Day

how to have a good day book review

Want to learn how to have a good day?The book, How to Have a Good Day, by Caroline Webb is a great place to start! I just finished reading it thanks to my Blogging for Books connection (I was given a free copy to review) and it’s been my favorite book of its type that I’ve read in a while (and […]

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Triggers Marshall Goldsmith

Triggers Marshall Goldsmith Book Review

Why Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith?As a personal trainer, I find it hard to resist a self-help book about creating behavior change.  Afterall, helping my clients make positive changes they can maintain on their own is crucial for their long-term success. I believe so strongly in the impact of behavior change that identifying your current stage of behavior change […]

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