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How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage at Home

Want to find out your Body Fat Percentage? Learn how to do it at home!

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body fat pecentageLast week I taught you how to calculate your BMI, but then I told you that your body fat percentage is a more accurate indicator of your overall health (nice huh?). That’s why this week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday will teach you how to figure out your body fat percentage from the comfort of your home.

There are of course lots of ways to find out what percentage of your body weight is fat versus lean tissue.  Some are a lot more accurate and expensive than others.  The best way to calculate your body fat percentage is through Hydrostatic Testing. 

What is that? Hydrostatic testing calculates your body fat percentage by submerging your body in a tank of water and then measuring the amount of water displaced. Accurate? Yes. Something you can easily do at home? Not so much. Some body scales calculate your body fat percentage by using an electrical impulse, but you won’t need one for this week’s test. They also aren’t known to be the most accurate. You could use calipers (a tool that pinches your fat), but that’s not too fun and requires someone that’s highly skilled to perform the test.

What on earth am I going to have you use to calculate your body fat percentage at home? If you’re a woman you’ll only need a measuring tape. If you’re a gentleman you’ll need a measuring tape and a scale  (If you aren’t a gentleman and you are on my page, please leave immediately!).

I’d like to tell you that women don’t need a scale is because I respect a woman’s right to never share her age or weight, but ladies you will need to put your age into the equation to figure out your body fat percentage.  Thankfully, even if you share your body fat percentage with someone, no one should be able to find out your age by working backwards (but then again I’m no math genius…why do you think I majored in Biology?!).

Eager to learn how to calculate your body fat percentage? Click on the video below:

*Converting from in to cm? Inches x 2.54 = Length in cm
*Converting from lbs to kg? Weight in lbs/2.2 = Weight in kg

In the video I told you the average ranges for body fat percentages for men and women, but if you don’t fall into those ranges you may want to know a little more. Here are some additional body fat percentage ranges for you to compare your calculated  value to:

                                        Women:                                Men:                  
Essential Fat:                   10-13%                                  2-5%
Athletes:                           14-20%                                  6-13%
Fitness:                             21-24%                                 14-17%
Average                            25-31%                                 18-24%
Obese                               32% and higher                    25% and higher

One thing I always love about writing out that chart is that women NEED more body fat to be healthy than men do. So the next time any chubby guy tries to make a comment about your weight or a friend’s weight you can tell him he’s the one that needs to be worried 😉 Just sayin’!

Now that you know that facts, take action now! Calculate your body fat percentage (TIP: we made an excel cheat sheet to help you do it HERE) and then leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts. (You don’t need to tell me your actual body fat percentage!) If you calculated your BMI, let me know how your results from this week’s assessment compare:

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