Ep 158: 8 Cardio Moves for Your Home Workout Routine – Fit Armadillo

Ep 158: 8 Cardio Moves for Your Home Workout Routine

8 Cardio Moves for Your Home Workout Routine

8 Cardio Moves for Your Home Workout Routine

Your podcast host went to Florida and all she got you was...a workout video?! Tired of working out indoors or want to change up your workout routine, but have minimal equipment? Today, I'm sharing a workout video that features 8 cardio fitness moves that can be done with just your body weight and an exercise bench or step. A video from a podcast show? I know, I know...but I made this for you (or at least my Fit Armadillo fans) 3 years ago and never got to share it. Love it or hate it? I'm open to your feedback, because I have two more videos like this to help you tone up at home or the park while strengthening your upper and lower body, but I can keep them in the vault, if you aren't interested.

8 Cardio Moves for Your Home Workout Routine Video

How to Add These Exercises to Your Home Workout Routine:

There are hundreds of combinations of workout routines you could create from the 8 cardiovascular fitness moves shared in the video above.  

Some will be better for your fitness level than others. That's why I definitely recommend scheduling an online private fitness session with one of our talented personal trainers. Even one session can go a long way to helping you assess your current fitness level and understand how to create an efficient and effective home workout routine. I invite you to check the schedule HERE.

Here are a few fitness routine ideas to get you started:

1. Warmup for 3-5 minutes with a walk or jog.  Complete each exercise for 60 secs, rest for 60 secs. Repeat and cool down with a 3-5 minute walk or jog.  You'll have worked out for about 40 minutes. Short on time? Cut the work or rest periods. You can do 30 secs of work and 30 secs of rest of 60 secs of work and 30 secs of rest to make it more challenging. 

2. Complete the workout as in #1 above, but instead of resting jog.  

3. Complete your warm-up and cool downs as described above, but add in some upper and lower body strength training moves. Not sure what to try? If you let me know you liked today's episode, I will release another similar video next week. Share your feedback in the comments!

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