Ep 126: Creator of Charity Race Conquer Our Run Denise Winner Shares her Story – Fit Armadillo

Ep 126: Creator of Charity Race Conquer Our Run Denise Winner Shares her Story

Creator of Charity Race

Creator of Charity Race Conquer Our Run Denise Winner Shares her Story

Denise Winner hosted her first Conquer Our Run race in 2014. After experiencing her own physical set back, Denise decided to use the down time to dedicate a year or so to hosting fun runs. An avid runner passionate about Lupus LA and other philanthropic concerns, she launched the runs as a way to heighten awareness about lupus and raise money for Lupus LA. She herself has lupus and was injured because of it. During recovery, she decided that she wanted to do something to help individuals struggling with lupus to stay active and motivated -- Conquer Our Run. After 2 years, Denise was ready to move on and go back to work. As luck would have it, she experienced another major orthopedic setback followed by breast cancer. Instead of giving up, she is more than ever dedicated to Conquer Our Run and espousing her epiphany that every breath is precious! The donations now extend to Lupus LA, Rainbow Services, Stand up 2 Cancer, Special Olympics and more. The list is always growing! Individuals of all ages and running levels are encouraged to take on a conquest and help out a charity! 

About Denise Winner

5k race hermosa beach

Ms. Winner is president and CEO of Winner Squared. With over 15 years of experience developing technologies for the capital markets and entrepreneurial ventures, Ms. Winner founded Winner Squared to provide cutting edge financial engineering and analytical solutions to global firms. Ms. Winner also sits on several nonprofit boards and is Treasurer of Lupus LA, Rainbow Services a domestic violence agency, and chair and Treasurer of Southern Regional Advisory Board of Upenn. And, most recently Ms. Winner 

launched Conquer Our Run to capitalize on her love of running to do good.

Ms. Winner holds a B.S. in Economics with major in Accounting and Decision Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton’s School. Ms. Winner attended Brown University’s Master of Computer Science program with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Office Automation. Ms. Winner ran cross country and track for Upenn and began running marathons and ultramarathons during colllege. Running has been a vital part of Ms. Winner's life, providing her an avenue to release stress, a way to meet people and network, and being a "best friend" during her bouts with lupus and most recently breast cancer.

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