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Bring Cirque-It Fitness Classes to Your City

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How to Bring Cirque-It Fitness to Your City with Founder Elizabeth Skwiot

Want to work out like one of your favorite pop stars? You'll love Cirque-It Fitness classes. The company's circus-inspired circuit training sessions are the brainchild of today's guest, Elizabeth Skwiot, and co-founder Dreya Weber, who has worked with Madonna, Cher, P!nk, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears on their performances. In this episode you'll learn two ways to bring this fun, effective, innovative 45-minute, full-body workout to your city. Cirque-It Fitness is currently working to expand its training centers for certified fitness professionals interested in offering this unique class and has set up a CrowdFund page for this purpose.  Want to be the 'star of your own show?' You will love some of the generous perks offered as a thank you for your donation to this fundraiser that's being shared on the iFundWomen platform. Be sure to share with your friends in the 5 key cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York who want to change up their fitness routines in a fun way.  Don't live in one of these metro areas? You can still bring this innovative workout to your hometown. Share the episode with your fitness professional friends. Instructor workshops are ACE-, NASM-, and AFAA- approved and can be completed with no added equipment. Come one, come all to the future of fitness!

About Elizabeth Skwiot

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Cirque-It Fitness was born of out of the joy of movement. Founder Elizabeth Skwiot fell in love with circus training at age 23 when she first stepped off a flying trapeze platform at a circus school. Circus training brought back the joy in movement she had as a child, but had slowly lost touch with in adult life. Combining her experience in Pilates and competitive fitness, Elizabeth set out to create a workout that was not only effective, but something to look forward to, an outlet in a busy life – a workout 

that was more than just another chore. Through Cirque-It Fitness, Elizabeth hopes that grown-ups can rekindle a magic in movement and connect with others in a supportive team environment.

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