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Custom Shoes and Bigfoot Custom Founder’s Fitness Journey

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Custom Shoes and Bigfoot Custom Founder's Fitness Journey

Whether you're looking for a fun custom gift idea or way to get excited about putting on your shoes to get in your fifteen minutes (or more) of fitness, you'll love today's guest and founder of Bigfoot Custom Shoes, Stacey Robins. I had the honor of meeting her in Palm Springs, CA earlier this year when we were both in town for Alt Summit. She participated in my fun run and fundraiser for nonprofit Girls on the Run and when I found out about her business, I had to become a client. Tune in to find out what I had her paint and why it's made such a positive impact on my mood and to learn more about Stacey's personal fitness journey. Whether you're starting or restarting your fitness journey (what Stacey is currently doing!) or an entrepreneur who loves hearing stories about other founders, you're sure to fall in love with painter, drawer, printmaker and crafter Stacey who's on a mission to leave the world a more beautiful place than when she arrived.

About Stacey Robins

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Meet Stacey, the Bigfoot behind Bigfoot Custom Shoes!

Stacey has been making, painting and crafting things as long as she can remember.  In fact, she used to get in trouble for drawing on her jeans and shoes in school! She's always thought the things people wear should tell the world a little about who they are, and what they love. Bigfoot Customs are the latest evolution of that! 

Bigfoot Customs began as a Christmas present for her nephew (who also playground tests the shoes!) When she couldn't find anything with Mater from "Cars" on it, she decided to paint some shoes for a family trip to Disneyland. One pair led to 6 more for the grownups on our trip- and all of a sudden she had a business!

In her natural state, Stacey is the girl who has paint on her clothes, marker on her hands, and glue on her face. Crafting and creating has always been what she does to relax- she's primarily a painter, drawer, printmaker and crafter. She learned how to paint from her dear Aunt- Who taught her to leave the world a more beautiful place than when you arrived.

Each pair of Bigfoot Customs is lovingly designed by hand, and 100% painted by hand. She don't replicate designs so each pair is as unique as the person wearing them. Stacey loves seeing the look on clients face when their shoes are EXACTLY what they had hoped for. She can't wait to help you show the world what you love!

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