Ep 005: Diets in Disguise – Fit Armadillo

Ep 005: Diets in Disguise

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Diets in Disguise with Guest Barbara Spanjers

You: On a Diet. I'm not talking about the book. I'm wondering if you could be dieting without knowing it! Barbara Spanjers of Cake is Magical Wellness stops by to help you figure out if your current efforts to eat healthy, eat clean get healthy or lose weight are doing more harm than good. Learn why diets and deprivation don’t work and how to avoid sneaky eating plans that might be diets.  

About Barbara Spanjers

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Barbara Spanjers is a therapist and wellness coach who is hellbent on helping women banish the evil tag team of food-guilt and body-shame. She draws from a diverse educational and career background including media production, massage therapy, and psychotherapy. In her wellness coaching practice, Cake Is Magical Wellness, Barb takes a weight inclusive approach to help her clients heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She offers wellness coaching programs to help people move from a place of judgment and self-criticism to curiosity and self-compassion.

You can catch Barb at www.barbaraspanjers.com, where she infuses a sense of humor and irreverence into her writing. She fears no food (except beets) and loves to help others do the same.

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