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Ep 64: Fitness after 40 with Lu Casillas

Fitness after 40 with Lu Casillas financial specialist
Fitness after 40 with Lu Casillas

Financial specialist Lu Casillas was told by her physician that she'd have to start working out for 2 hours a day to avoid gaining weight due to hormonal changes. Her initial response was to rebel, because no adult has that much time to spend on their fitness routine. More recently, she lost 14 pounds by doing things her way and the healthy way.  She shares insights from her journey that will prove inspirational to any woman working on her fitness after 40 who's looking to enjoy life while reaching her health goals.

About Lu Casillas:

lu casillas financial specialist

Lu Casillas is a Financial Specialist with FCA, Speaker & Writer. She's also the Co-Chair of the LAX Coastal Chamber Lifestyle Group. Where their goal is to create a valuable network and referral alliance between the female business professionals in the area. 

BLEND2Day is Lu's Speaking & Networking Brand that provides a way to educate women on financial options.  BLEND stands for Balance Life  Educate Network Dream.  As women, we are always trying to find Balance in Life, It's important to continue Educating ourselves in our professions  and create  a strong circle of influence through Networking and remember to keep that Dream alive that we may have lost. 

Lu provides clients with living benefits, the option to lower future tax risks, liquidity and lifetime security.

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