Fitness and Spirituality with Female Founder Valentine Lister – Fit Armadillo

Fitness and Spirituality with Female Founder Valentine Lister

Fitness and Spirituality with Female Founder Valentine Lister

​This week's Female Founder Friday guest is Valentine Lister. She's passionate about spirituality and wants to help you enjoy all of its many benefits. Tune in to learn the real definition of spirituality and how you can have a spiritual practice even if you aren't part of an organized religion. While exercise is an example of a spiritual practice, you don't need to become a cardio queen or gym rat (when we're allowed back at the gym!) to enjoy its benefits. You also don't need to break a sweat to practice spirituality. During our conversation, Valentine shares one very similar exercise she uses with her clients that can be done from the comfort of a chair. This episode and Valentine's tips are a great way to help you feel more grounded during these uncertain times!

About Valentine Lister

Valentine Lister is a spiritual teacher and founder of Sinners & Saints Unite, LLC. Her mission is to take the confusion and judgment out of spiritual practices, so that you can be yourself, have fun, and tune-in to your inner wisdom. In her past work lives, she was a psychotherapist, stay-at-home-mom, emergency medical technician, and office coordinator. She believes that true spirituality can help you navigate any situation that's thrown at you and allow you to be loved as you are.

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