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Week 2 of MOVEember: How Will You Get Moving?

get moving

Get Moving! It’s Week Two of #MOVEember 🙂

I’m soooo excited for week two of #MOVEember! If you’re just tuning in, #MOVEember is my month long challenge to you to commit to 10 mins of fitness every day. Why 10 mins? I shared that in last week’s video (it’s a little bit of a trainer secret 😉 ).

In addition to the general 10 mins of activity (or extra activity if you’re already a fitness nut!), I’m also adding in weekly tips and challenges to keep you motivated to get moving. Last week, the focus was on scheduling your 10 minutes. Planning ahead is a BIG part of being successful with sticking to your routine. I’d love to hear how scheduling helped you if you tried it.  I know it helps me!

This week’s tip? Well, it’s in your episode, of course! So make sure you tune in to find it and check out the evolution of my Movember mustache 😉

In the video I said I’d share a link with you. Well, I’m a woman of my word! Here is one of my all time favorite links (an oldie, but goodie) for comparing activities: CHECK IT OUT >>

Did you enjoy this week’s video? Don’t forget to share it (even if you just want to have a friend laugh about my mustache, I won’t be offended!) and your #MOVEember pics for proof that you’re moving this week! Have some unique ideas for fitting in fitness or growing an awesome mustache? Inspire us with a comment below:



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