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How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Water, World’s Cheapest Weight Loss Drink!

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Whenever I meet with a new fitness client, their biggest concern is getting results fast.  After I talk to them about how I’ll set up their fitness routine, they often ask me if I recommend any weight loss drinks.  By now, you know I don’t recommend supplements and last week I taught you that green juice is not an effective weight loss drink (get the full facts here).   However, I do have one weight loss drink I recommend every time and it’s water 🙂

Water is so important in helping your body run properly. It helps you digest food and have more productive workouts.  Having a glass of water can also help you feel more full and prevent you from over eating at meals. Bottom line: if you aren’t getting enough water, you are not going to lose weight efficiently.

So now that you know that water is important for weight loss, you probably want to know how to tell if you’re getting enough.  This week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday video is here to the rescue!  In the video you’ll learn:

1. Why water is important

2. How much water you should be drinking each day

3. My quick, fun tip for making sure you’ve met your daily water requirements

Ready to learn? Check out the video here:

Don’t forget to take action now! Leave me a comment to tell me how you’re going to get more water, the world’s cheapest weight loss drink, this week:

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