Ep 54: Creating Hogwarts Running Club with Brian and Dawn Biggs – Fit Armadillo

Ep 54: Creating Hogwarts Running Club with Brian and Dawn Biggs

Creating the Hogwarts Running Club with Brian and Dawn Biggs

I love when running helps people make a difference. Today's guests have inspired their virtual run participants to run millions of miles and raise millions of dollars since they started their non-profit organization, Random Tuesday Inc., in 2014. If you enjoy running virtual races, you've likely participated in one of their runs. Take a peek behind the scenes of the organization to learn how it got started in today's episode, part I in a two part series with Brian and Dawn Biggs!

About Brian Biggs

brian biggs cofounder howgarts running club

In the land of geeks, Brian Biggs is king.  With vast amounts of mental storage dedicated to sci-fi/fantasy knowledge, Brian fully embraces all things geek.  His dream is to fly his T.A.R.D.I.S. to Hogwarts in order to leave the Shire and learn the ways of the Force. In 2014, having just discovered the joy of long-distance running, Brian started Hogwarts Running Club which eventually became RTI.  

His initial goal was to raise $500 for cancer research. Millions of dollars and millions of miles later, his impossible idea to change lives and change the world through the power of fandom has become a reality. Besides spending time with his wife and daughter, his greatest joy is seeing the impact these programs have had on the lives of members and deserving charities. He has successfully completed two marathons and more than 25 half-marathons since 2014 and is working to complete a half-marathon in all 50 states.

In addition to his non-profit work, Brian is also a Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve. He holds a Masters degree in Military Operational Art & Science from Air University, served as an intern with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and is a veteran of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and SOUTHERN WATCH.

About Dawn Biggs:

Dawn Biggs is RTIs Chief Creative Officer with two decades of experience in art, photography, and graphic design. She co-founded RTI with her husband when his impossible idea became an official 501(c)3 organization in 2015.  Dawn identifies with nearly all of the Hogwarts houses and enjoys Doctor Who, but her true passion is undoubtedly Gilmore Girls. She talks fast, worships coffee, named her daughter Rory and lives in a picturesque Connecticut town.  While she has 

dawn biggs cofounder hogwarts running club

completed eight half marathons, movement on foot is merely a winter fitness substitute while she waits for Long Island Sound to warm up enough for her to get her paddleboard on the water.

Dawn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Middle Georgia State University with a degree in Psychology in 2016 and is an ardent advocate for mental health and gender equality.  The Patriarchy doesn’t stand a chance.

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