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How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage

fitness math calculate body fat percentage My most popular Tighten + Tone Tuesday episode of all time (so far) has been one I made last year called How to Calculate your Body Fat Percentage at Home. You don’t need a fancy scale or to submerge your body in water to get your stats. All you need is a measuring tape, to know your gender, and a scale (if you’re a guy). Some of my viewers disagreed with me on that last part.They felt like they also needed a degree in math to figure out their numbers. I’ll be honest, calculating your body fat percentage at home is a little bit a decent math workout. I probably should have been up front about that! And likely should have included the math in the first video. But, I’m a big believer in the phrase “better late than never!” and hope you are too 🙂 So without further ado, I present your Fitness Math Lesson!

How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage:

I hope you found the video helpful! I know I had a lot of fun reliving my days as a teacher. That’s right, in addition to having a fitness career, I was a Biology, 8th Grade Science, and 8th Grade Health Teacher (I even created my own curriculum!)…it’s why I created the Teacher’s Tone Up Group Fitness Program. I still have a soft spot for teachers 🙂 . Now that you know how to do the math (you did watch the video right?!), I have a little gift for you. Click HERE to download the body fat percentage calculator I Mr. Fit Armadillo made for us in excel! You can just pop in your numbers to check your work. Pretty snazzy, right? Did you find this video helpful? I’d love for you to share it and give it a thumbs up over on YouTube if you did (maybe it will beat the original for most views!). Have a video request of your own? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts:

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