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How to Calculate Calories Burned by Various Activities

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It’s not Tighten + Tone Thursday (although it kind of feels like it could be Thursday!), it’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday!  If you’re new, Tighten + Tone Tuesday is my weekly video series where I share tips to help you get tightened and toned at home.  If you were here last week, you already know what this week’s video is about: How to Calculate Calories Burned by Various Activities.  Well, actually you probably knew that even if you weren’t here last week since I did add that exact title this post.  However, if you weren’t here last week I still recommend you watch the previous episode. Catch it by clicking HERE and learn how to calculate your RMR AND the difference between BMR and RMR.

Unless you’re a sloth, chances are quite high that you need more energy each day than whatever you calculated your RMR to be.  But, how do you know how much energy you really need each day? You’ll need to add the number of calories required to get your body through your day to your RMR.  Today’s video will go over two tools to help you calculate the number of calories you burn during various activities.

Why bother learning how many calories you need each day? If you don’t consume enough energy, your body and metabolism can get all out of whack! Dieters know ALL about this.  Or, at least they have experienced the results. When you go on a diet, your metabolism isn’t done any favors.  That’s why when you stop a diet, you tend to gain back even more weight than you lost in the first place.  If you don’t want to deal with that vicious cycle, it’s time to take a stand! How will you take a stand? By finding out how much energy your body needs to run properly.  That way you can give your body what it needs without overeating.

Now one more thing to note: these tools will tell you how many calories your body needs to complete various activities, not the additional calories a given activity requires versus you just resting. So when you’re calculating your daily energy needs, keep that in mind (If you burn 60 calories while sleeping for and hour and 260 calories while walking for an hour you burn an extra 200 calories.  Make sure 200 is the number you add to your RMR to calculate your Daily Energy Needs if you sleep all day and walk for one hour, instead of adding 260 calories).

Now that all these little details are cleared up (I hope! If not, shoot me an e-mail!), let’s get down to business and check out these calorie calculators:

Now that you’ve watched the video, take action! Calculate the total number of calories you need to run your body each day. Were you surprised by the amount of calories your favorite activities use? Did you cry when you found out that cleaning can be a workout? If you used the RMR adjustments last week, did they give you an accurate idea of how much energy you use each day? Leave me a comment with your thoughts:

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