Ep 125: How to Find Your Core Values and Why They Matter – Fit Armadillo

Ep 125: How to Find Your Core Values and Why They Matter

How to Find Your Core Values and Why They Matter

How Identifying her Core Values Changed Danielle Reed's Life

How do you find your core values? Authenticity coach, professional speaker, author and workshop facilitator, Danielle Reed, comes back to share three steps that will help you identify your core values. She also helps explain the role our personal values play in our overall health. Danielle has used these strategies to transform her own life (hear her story in Episode 124) and empower audiences of all ages to have better relationships with themselves and others.

About Danielle Reed

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Danielle is an authenticity coach, a professional speaker, author and a workshop facilitator! Danielle was a teacher and Learning Support Facilitator for 17 years. The most important parts of her teaching career were building relationships and providing everyone around her with optimism and laughter! She took a leave from teaching to complete her Co-Active Life Coaching courses, The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ trainings...and it is there that she discovered her greatest passion! Today, Danielle works with individuals and 

groups to empower and inspire them to move toward living an authentic, wholehearted life, so that they can give others around them permission to do the same.

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