Ep 006: 10 Focus Areas for a Level 10 Life – Fit Armadillo

Ep 006: 10 Focus Areas for a Level 10 Life

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10 Focus Areas for a Level 10 Life with Katie Maggio

Mindset coach and podcaster Katie Maggio stops by to talk about how to lead a Level 10 Life. She helps her clients get unstuck and improve their relationships, careers, wellness, and finances to help them have it all. Tune in for tips for working on your mindset so you can have it all and enjoy the Level 10 Mindset by working on the 10 focus areas Katie goes over with her clients:

1. Environment in your home or office
2. Health and fitness
3. Paying it forward/giving back
4. Fun and Recreation
5. Career/business
6. Finances
7. Spirituality
8. Personal growth and development
9. Family and friends
10. Romance/Marriage/Relationships

About Katie Maggio

katie maggio success coach mindset coach

Katie Maggio is an Ultimate Success coach and host of the Level 10 Life Podcast. She lives in her mission and purpose everyday and helps clients work on their mindset so they can have it all.  In 2007 Katie completed her studies at the University of New Hampshire in Business and Education. She is certified in Speaking, Coaching and Training.

Katie is married to her husband Craig, has two amazing daughters – Two cats, a dog and a fish tank.

Her coaching programs are the perfect integration for TOTAL TRANSFORMATION- while focusing on Emotional IQ to be the best you can be.

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