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Measuring Body Fat -3 Tests

Measuring Body Fat – A Comparison of 3 Tests

measuring body fat

Earlier this month, I completed a body composition test in a bod pod.

Not sure what that is?

Basically, I risked claustrophobia setting in for the sake of my fan who asked about the test. Head HERE to check out that post and learn about my experience 🙂

But, I held off on sharing my results.

Until now!

Click HERE to see my full report from the bod pod and the analysis you’d get, if you paid one a visit.

In addition to wanting to trying out the bod pod to answer a fan’s question, I also wanted to see how the official body composition results from that test would compare to two home tests I’ve used in the past.

One test was done using the Omron handheld bioelectrical impedance machine, the device that most gyms use to calculate your body fat percentage.  However, since you aren’t supposed to eat or work out within 2 hrs of having your body fat percentage tested, they are usually very inaccurate.

Here is how I tried to get the most accurate results:

The morning of my test I drank 24 oz of cold water at 6 AM, trained a client, took a little bathroom break, and then tested at 7:15 AM.

That may sound like a little TMI, but of note is that my body weight dropped 2 lbs after that step!

I ran 4 tests and took the average as my body fat percentage. I completed this test on the same day as my bod pod test.

The second home test I completed was a circumference test.

It is VERY hard to get accurate measurements on yourself, but I tried my best and then popped them into the body fat percentage calculator Mr.FitArmadillo made us.

What does all of this mean and how did the home tests compare to the most accurate one?

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

To get the calculator head HERE.
To learn how to take your measurements head HERE.

Now that you’ve seen a comparison of three body fat percentage calculators, it’s time to take action! Have you ever had your body composition tested? How do you make sure that you’re losing fat versus muscle when you’re watching what you eat? Share your thoughts with a comment below:

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