Mindset Tips for Starting Over with Artist, Author and Mentor Paula Mould – Fit Armadillo

Mindset Tips for Starting Over with Artist, Author and Mentor Paula Mould

Mindset Tips for Starting Over with Artist, Author & Mentor Paula Mould

Finding yourself starting over and overwhelmed? A year ago this summer, this week's Female Founder Friday guest, Paula Mould, was in this position. She looked around and had nothing. Her longterm marriage and 6-figure tech company had ended. She had no equity as her ex had blown through her savings, no idea what to do for a business, no idea how she'd finish her book, or where she and her three children would live. But, she's been able to come out on the other side! She completed her book, Wake the F*ck Up , has successful art and mentorship businesses, and she's living a life that brings her joy. Tune in for tips from her inspirational story that's taken her from broken, broke, and lost to running an international business, publishing her book and thriving. Paula's main message is that mindset matters and when you are at a crossroads in your life, it's not only OK, but vital, to take time out and grieve the life you are leaving behind. Whether you're starting over personally, professionally, or in a combination of ways, you'll find Paula's insights both comforting and invaluable. Today's episode with artist, author, and mentor, Paula Mould, is just the first half of our conversation. Subscribe for more tips from Paula, her book, and to get inspired by her fitness journey when we continue chatting on Monday.

About Paula Mould

Paula Mould is a fine artist, author of books "Wake The Fuck Up!" and Sell More Art, as well as a mentor at The Creative Visionary. Four years ago she had a certain death experience that triggered a midlife crisis that changed nearly every aspect of her life.

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