Meet Online Personal Trainer Debra Jaros – Fit Armadillo

Meet Online Personal Trainer Debra Jaros

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Meet Online Personal Trainer Debra Jaros

I'm so excited to finally have the honor of officially introducing another one of the online personal trainers on the Fit Armadillo team, Debra Jaros!

Debra is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer who also holds several additional fitness certifications.  Even though she's based in Chicago, she can train you no matter where you live through an online personal training session.

Check our her Meet the Trainer video to get to know her a little better!​

Meet Certified Fitness Professional Debra Jaros:

As you can see, Debra has the skills to work with you no matter what your current fitness level  might be. 

More importantly?

She's passionate about helping you approach starting a healthy lifestyle so you can achieve long-lasting results, have more energy, and more confidence. 

If you're looking to lose 20 lbs in a week, look elsewhere! BUT if you're ready to start your healthy lifestyle journey while enjoying fun, efficient and effective workouts, you're going to love Debra!​

 Sign up for your personal booking account now and to set up your online personal training session with Debra:

Note that you saw Debra's Meet the Trainer video when you sign up and enjoy $10 off your 1st 30 minute session now through April 1st 2016 (that's NOT a joke 😉 ).​

In case you're not an A-Lister yet...

Debra's also the trainer behind the Spring Sizzle Challenge that starts Monday, March 21st and includes FREE 1-on-1 health coaching and training​. Learn more about it HERE.

Have a question for Debra or just want to send her a warm welcome? Do so by leaving a comment below: 

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