Ep 038: Meet Pilates Instructor Harjit – Fit Armadillo

Ep 038: Meet Pilates Instructor Harjit

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Private Pilates Instructor Harjit

The certified fitness professionals at Fit Armadillo aren't just personal trainers! Meet Pilates instructor, Harjit Naghra. We talk about her favorite forms of fitness, she shares a fun fact, talks about what she'd do if she only had 15 mins for a workout routine, her favorite piece of fitness equipment and more. You'll learn how Harjit found Pilates and about her fitness company, Willow Fitness.

About Harjit Naghra

Harjit Naghra is a Software Engineer-turned-Pilates Instructor at Willow Fitness and Fit Armadillo. Harjit helps people with old injuries to restore their bodies so they can finally exercise in the way they love. She fell in love with fitness after using Pilates to build strength and stability into her fragile, injury-prone body. When she's not teaching online or in Toronto Canada, you can find Harjit exploring new ways to move and challenge herself in dance classes, Essentrics and circus!

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