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Pilates Instructor Harjit is July's Trainer of the Month

I'm so excited to announce our Trainer of the Month for July, Harjit!

Or should I say Certified Fitness Professional of the Month? Unlike most of the team of fitness pros at Fit Armadillo®, Harjit isn't a personal trainer, but a Certified Pilates Instructor

While she resides in Canada, Harjit is available to work with you no matter where you live via online private Pilates sessions.

And maybe even during an online Pilates class!

If you stopped by the blog last week, you know we're considering adding online Pilates classes. Missed the post? Head HERE now to share your thoughts on the potential for this offering (HINT: You'll be entered into a drawing for a 1-on-1 Pilates session with Harjit just for sharing your feedback). 

About Certified Pilates Instructor Harjit:

Harjit started doing Pilates four years ago to recover from chronic illness. During Pilates teacher training she sustained a back injury which became a catalyst for a body transformation she could only dream of. She now regularly participates in challenging physical hobbies, like aerial arts, with minimal injury. She credits 1-on-1 Pilates sessions (where she received individual-level feedback on her form) as a key factor in her fitness accomplishments.

Meet Pilates Instructor Harjit in This Video:

Now that you've met Harjit, it's time to take action!

First, leave a comment below this video to welcome Harjit, our newest online fitness professional.  

Next, if you're ready to try out a Pilates session for yourself, save your spot now. During the month of July you can enjoy a 30 min session for $10 off or a 60 min session for $20 off. 

UPDATE: Harjit is no longer Trainer of the Month, but you can still book with her through the links below.  

Book your private online Pilates session here: 

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New to Fit Armadillo®?:

Don't forget to answer Harjit's challenge from the video! Leave your answer below this post: 

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