The Power of Community with Hello Life Academy’s Megan Lockhart – Fit Armadillo

The Power of Community with Hello Life Academy’s Megan Lockhart

The Power of Community with Hello Life Academy's Megan Lockhart

How important are communities? Very! It's no coincidence that I selected my conversation about the power of community with the CEO of Hello Life Academy, Megan Lockhart, as the episode to kick off season three of The Fit Fifteen podcast show. No matter what your current goals in fitness or life might be, you will undoubtedly reach them sooner when you work on them with a team. No, you don't need to literally join a sports team or find a formal business partner.  However, collaborating to make your next big dream a reality is something you'll want to consider after listening to today's episode. Megan shares how to focus your energy on collaborations without exhaustion as well as some of the core things to consider when building a community around your business. She also shares personal lessons from business building and her fitness journey.

About Megan Lockhart

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Megan is the creator and CEO of Hello Life Academy - a mastermind for female entrepreneurs who want to understand modern marketing and expand their businesses.

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