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Reach Your Fitness Goals with These 3 Big Ideas from The Power of Habit

tighten + tone tuesday fitness tipsHappy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! Somehow it’s already May. I’m dying to know how you are doing with your New Year’s Resolutions. If you could use a little help getting back on track, you’ll love this week’s video.  In it I’ll go over 3 Big Ideas from my new favorite book, The Power of Habit that you can apply today to finally reach your fitness goals.

Could these big ideas really be powerful enough to make you fall in love with exercise and break up with Ben and Jerry? I say yes! After all, they are the same ideas that explain how people successfully ditch habits like smoking and excessive drinking and Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t even have any nicotine or alcohol in it (at least not that I’m aware of…)!

In this video you’ll learn how habits work, what our brains must do for a habit to stick, and The Golden Rule of Habit Change.  Armed with these three big ideas, you’ll be ready to really get to work on those habits that you want to make or break.

Still not convinced that habits relate to you reaching your fitness goals? Do you have any friends who actually get cranky when they don’t work out? These ideas explain why your friends are so “strange” and how you can join them.  Hopefully, not in being strange, but in reaching your fitness goals by making your routine into a habit.

How did I get so wrapped up in this read? One of my habits is buying books from airport bookstores.  I never seem to have enough time to hit up the library before I leave on vacation and I’m still not tech savvy enough to have my own Kindle.  That’s how I stumbled upon Charles Duhigg’s amazing book.  I’ve been kind of obsessed with it ever since.  Not only does it have amazing tips that you can use to make your fitness routine a habit, but it also reveals how important habits are to our daily lives.  I’m so enamored with the book that I’ve even gotten the Fit Armadillo Fit Club in on the fun! If this post and video convince you to buy the book too, I’d love to have you join in on the discussion. To get on the A-List and become a member click here.

Ready to hear about these 3 Big Ideas and Become a Habit Engineer? Watch this week’s video here:



Take action now! Think about the habit you want to create or ditch. Write down cues and rewards that could help create that new habit or ditch one that no longer serves you and share your insights with us by leaving a comment below:

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