How to Release the Runner with Race Director Susan Rancourt – Fit Armadillo

How to Release the Runner with Race Director Susan Rancourt

How to Release the Runner with Race Director Susan Rancourt

Thinking about becoming a runner, but don't know where to start? Race director, Susan Rancourt, comes back to the show to talk about the Release the Runner movement. Centered on supporting those new to running, this initiative reminds would-be runners that we were all new to running once. Tune in for inspiration from both Susan and your podcast host, lifelong runners, who share insights to assure you that getting started is the hardest part. Luckily, once you do the Release the Runner community is there to support you virtually. Companies like Susan's Rhode Races & Events are offering additional ways to educate and inspire you from a safe social distance.  We hope this episode motivates you to #ReleasetheRunner! Tag us @FitArmadillo in your posts for a bonus cheer, and visit the show notes for all the links to connect with Rhode Races.

About Susan Rancourt

Susan Rancourt has over 10 years of event experience in the running industry.  As a former NCAA athlete, she is currently the only RRCA Certified Race Director in Rhode Island.  She continues to give back to the running community through fundraising, founding and supporting youth running programs, and as coach of a HS cross country team.  She founded Rhode Races in 2015 with her business partner and they execute over a dozen events per year.

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