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Running Inspiration, Quotes and Tips

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Running Inspiration

I frequently talk about running here at Fit Armadillo, especially on social media

But I have good reason to - after all, it IS my first fitness love!  Participating in my first road race in middle school and later joining the cross-country team, saved me from giving up on exercise (P.E. was my only other introduction to it - yuck!!!!) and ultimately led me to become a certified personal trainer.

Now, as the owner of Fit Armadillo, I'm passionate about helping our clients use fitness as a way to enjoy more freedom in their lives.  

Whether that's the freedom of more time when they give up fighting traffic to get to the gym, the freedom of more money when they trade in long gym memberships for our no-contract booking system, or the freedom to explore more when they ditch the dreadmill for cardio they can enjoy outside of the gym.

While some of our clients enjoy cardio fitness sessions with their online personal trainers, most dedicate their private sessions to toning up and increasing their flexibility. That means they often run in between sessions and I always encourage them to do so. After all,  I can't think of any form of fitness that's more freeing than running! You don't need any extra equipment to get started and can take yourself practically anywhere once you lace up your running shoes.  Plus, you can use the fitness format to literally run away from your problems, like I do on an almost daily basis (being a small business owner is no easy task!). 

Spring is the perfect time to start a running routine or get back into one you might have neglected in recent months. And if you're looking for help finding running inspiration? That's what this post is all about! I'm sharing several inspirational running tips, quotes, and stories to help you get excited about lacing up your running shoes tonight or tomorrow morning 😉 

Running Inspiration from Women's Running Trailblazers

Did you know that just 50 yrs ago women weren't welcome in long distance races? It's crazy, but true! 

There's lots of running inspiration to be found from the stories and persistence of women running sheros like Bobbi Gibb and Kathrine Switzer. Not familiar with these ladies? Bobbi was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1966. Kathrine Switzer, the first woman runner to complete the long distance race as a registered athlete, made history when she ran the same race a year later. Kathrine's race has become pretty famous thanks to a photo seen in this clip:

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It's of race director, Jock Semple, trying to pull her out of the Boston Marathon and get her bib numbers when it was brought to his attention that a woman running his race.  Pretty crazy, right? I'm glad she persisted and grateful for her decision during the race to change things for women's running. ​

Running Quotes from Kathrine and Bobbi:

"…I feel so good when I run, if everybody could feel like this, this sense of joy and physical well-being and strength and autonomy you have when you run, how much better the world would be…”@BobbiGibb

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"When I run, I feel alive and part of the universe." @BobbiGibb

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“Life is for participating, not for spectating.” @KVSwitzer

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“I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by--you can't run and stay mad!” @KVSwitzer

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“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”


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More on Kathrine and Bobbi's Stories :
  • Interview with Bobbi HERE
  • Bobbi's Website HERE
  • Kathrine's website HERE
  • My favorite interview with Kathrine from the Runner's World Show HERE

Running Inspiration from Women Runners who are Young at Heart

Think you're too old to run? You're not alone, but I challenge you to rethink this notion!

Beth Bridges, one of the inspirational women whose story is shared in my new book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed, thought she was too old to run in her 20s, but once she got started? She went on to become a competitive runner and even made the leap into triathlons in spite of the fact that she only recently learned how to swim. 

Pretty cool, right?

Then there is Harriette Thompson who completed the full marathon at the age of 92! 

And Kathrine Switzer?

She just ran Boston again at 70 yrs young with a time of 4:44:31 this past week

Never have I ever been more proud to proclaim that I #RunLikeAGirl!

Running Inspiration from the Fit Armadillo Team

Several of our certified fitness instructors are avid runners.

Krista is a certified personal trainer, yoga, and barre instructor who went from thinking she was NOT a runner to becoming a RunDisney race veteran several times over (read her inspirational runner story HERE). If you're looking for tips to help you start a running routine, Krista has you covered with THIS blog post.

Megan, another one of the certified personal trainers​ here at Fit Armadillo, runs competitively for her college. She shared a great strength training routine for runners HERE.

Melissa is an avid runner will soon to have something else in common with me - she's going to be a Girls on the Run Coach this fall! Girls on the Run (GOTR) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to empower girls through running.  Melissa's GOTR chapter recently formed thanks in part to some of our fans and clients who purchased my book the month that I donated profits back to Girls on the Run of Southern Maryland!

Even our yoga instructor, Kayla, has gotten into running - and triathlons! - as I found out during a yoga for runners routine we filmed together last week (that will be on the blog next in May). 

As for me? Some of my favorite blog posts include THIS video interview I did with a physician to help answer the question, "Does Running Cause Knee Problems?" as well as the blog posts I've shared about few of my favorite running routes I've completed while traveling. I hope you enjoy them.

I hope this post has inspired you to start or revisit running! But, I'd love to hear from you-which tips or stories were most inspirational? Do you have a favorite piece of running inspiration (a running quote, amazing runner, etc.) that I missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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