Ep 122: Running & Triathlon Training Tips | Running with Strength’s Kindal Sweet – Fit Armadillo

Ep 122: Running & Triathlon Training Tips | Running with Strength’s Kindal Sweet

running triathlon training tips

Running & Triathlon Training Tips with Running with Strength's Kindal Sweet

Yesterday, Kindal Sweet of Running with Strength shared her fitness journey from hating running to becoming an Ironman triathlete. Today, she shares more insights from her journey as well as tips for running and training for an Ironman event. Learn about her favorite book for getting started with Ironman as well as what your training time commitment will be like for this event. Kindal's still trying to trick errr get me to complete the Ironman so you'll also hear her tips for locations for the event in case you're interested. Not sure you want to complete an Ironman just yet? Kindal also shares more general running wisdom she's learned from her own journey as well as those of her athletic friends.

About Kindal Sweet

Journey to Ironman Athlete BQ Kindal Running with Strength

Kindal started running at the age of 20 when her dad signed them up for the Disney marathon when she couldn’t even run a mile. She ran her first 5k in 33 Minutes on the 4th of July of 2009 and her first marathon in 4:12 in Jan 2010. She didn’t run another marathon until Feb 2014 for “sweating for the wedding” at the Phoenix Marathon in 4:04. She ran a few halfs later that year and ended up with a horrible ITB injury that knocked her out of running. She took some time off and then came back when she started her Instagram in 2015

and her journey to the Boston marathon. She ran her first attempt at UTV in 3:48 and secured her spot at Boston 2017 in November at Revel Canyon City in 3:24. After her BQ she had 18 months and since she felt she had reached her goal in the marathon she figured Ironman was a logical next step. She had dabbled in sprint triathlons, but had never been serious and hadn’t road her bike since 2011, but no big deal. How hard could it be? Well, it was much harder, but she figured it out completing her first Half Ironman in Muncie Indiana in 5:48 in July 2016 and her First Ironman in 11:51 in October at Louisville. She has since run a 3:16 marathon, 1:29 Half, and 5:17 Half Ironman. Still working on that Ironman PR (it’s coming ).

Outside of Instagram and running she is a full time Physician Assistant in the ER, Run/Triathlon Coach, wife to her hubby who is a dentist in the Airforce, and Mom to a 10 year old Pomeranian! 

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