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How to Escape Locally with Swimply CEO Bunim Laskin

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How to Escape Locally with Swimply CEO Bunim Laskin

Swimply CEO, Bunim Laskin, is our Travel Tip Tuesday guest who shares how you can use his company to escape locally. The first online marketplace for pool sharing, Swimply connects the owners of private pools with people looking to enjoy time in one. Non pool owners get to enjoy affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury, while pool owners earn an effortless, substantial income from their underutilized pools. Tune in to learn how and why Bunim was inspired to start his company and more about how both pool owners and users benefit from the platform. Bunim also shares how he uses his own platform and why he believes being active is important for all entrepreneurs. Ready to dive in for your own swim? Use code FitArmadilllo25 when you book your pool day (or hour - Swimply is often used for swim lessons or swimming laps) to enjoy 25% off!

About Bunim Laskin

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Bunim Laskin currently serves as the CEO of Swimply. He's just 22 years old, the oldest of 12 kids. While he grew up in Israel, he currently lives in New York. 

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