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Qualifying for the Boston Marathon with Katherine Wuestenfeld

qualifying boston marathon katherine

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon: Katherine Wuestenfeld’s JourneyDid you experience the excitement of Marathon Monday in Boston last week? Today’s guest, Katherine Wuestenfeld, shares her journey to qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which she participated in last week. Initially a track and field athlete and cross-country runner in high school, Katherine transitioned to road racing […]

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172: Aqua Jogging to a PR

aqua jogging

Aqua Jogging to a PR with Marathoner LizziDealing with a running injury? Marathoner Lizzi is here to lift your spirits and tell you about her secret weapon for coming back strong after a running injury: aqua jogging! After dropping out of the Philadelphia Marathon due to a stress reaction in her tibia, Lizzi started aqua […]

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171: London Marathon Tips for Runners and Spectators

london marathon tips runners spectators

London Marathon Tips for Runners and SpectatorsThe London Marathon happens in a few short weeks! Will you be there? Your podcast host will be! Whether you’re participating in the London Marathon as a runner or as a spectator (how she’ll be enjoying it), you’ll love these tips from guest Elizabeth Greminger aka @InstagremGoesRunning. Lizzi ran […]

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