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Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge: Day Ten

I can’t believe it’s already Day Ten of the Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge! I’ve had a great time getting to know all the wonderful members in the challenge and hear about their workouts and I hope you have too! Everyone is very inspirational and has tackled the task in a different way.  To learn more about the challenge that started on Christmas Day click HERE>>

My Day Ten Workout:
For my Day Ten workout I decided to give my legs a break and get in a swim.  After spraining my ankle just before Thanksgiving I did a LOT of swimming, but I hadn’t been in the pool at all this week so I figured I should get back in before I got a little too crazy about running too soon.

I timed my workout so I could enjoy a 30 minute swim and then cool down with some Yoga.  I swam freestyle the whole time and was very thankful for my new polyester bathing suit.  After lamenting to my mom about my old tankini that had become to worn for the pool, she brought me to a real swim suit store and hooked me up (boy am I glad I didn’t go to Target to buy another cheap one before heading home)!

learned a lot from the ladies at Beach Party Swimwear in Middletown, RI:

1.) Buy a polyester swimsuit! Apparently most swimsuits are not polyester and if left in a swimming pool for 24hrs they will completely breakdown. Sounds pretty extreme and not something I want to test, but I do believe it.

2.) Every wrinkle = 1 lb: Buy a swimsuit that really fits your body or you’ll be adding extra weight and drag in the pool (makes sense).

3.) Suits need suds too: After a swim get in the shower and scrub up with your suit on to get out extra chlorine to help your suit last longer.

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What was your workout today? Share with a comment below:

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