Ep 139: Creating Wambas aka the Best Sports Bra Ever – Fit Armadillo

Ep 139: Creating Wambas aka the Best Sports Bra Ever

Creating Wambas aka the Best Sports Bra Ever with Founder Jessica Dorsey

When Jessica Dorsey started running marathons she found herself dealing with a new problem. Like many marathoners, she was experiencing chaffing and cuts while trying to store all the added supplies she now needed. After trying many other products that didn't work, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The result? She created the best sports bra ever, the Wambas sports bra! Tune in to hear Jessica's entrepreneurial journey that resulted in her super awesome storage sports bra. Don't forget to tune into yesterday's episode 138 for Jessica's running journey.

About Jessica Dorey

marthoner CIM running journey

Jessica is mom and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with her two daughters, Luisa (2yrs) and Liliana (7 yrs), her husband Kevin, and their rescue pitbull Penny Pickle.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, her love for the outdoors was fostered at a young age. She grew up hiking and running, often on her own in the neighborhoods and woods near her 

home. She was a top runner on her school’s cross country and track teams throughout middle school and high school, but did not continue competing in college.

It wasn’t until after she moved out to LA with her now husband and had her first daughter that she began training for her first marathon. Her training and race times have changed dramatically since that first marathon in 2012, and she is looking forward to chasing down some big goals in the near future.

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