Ep 167: Weekly Meal Planner Candice Walker Shares Recipes and Tips for a Balanced Life – Fit Armadillo

Ep 167: Weekly Meal Planner Candice Walker Shares Recipes and Tips for a Balanced Life

weekly meal planner recipes

Weekly Meal Planner Candice Walker Shares Recipes and Tips for a Balanced Life

Seasonal recipe creator and founder of Proportional Plate, Candice Walker, stops by to share what inspired her to start her blog where she offers free meal plans with grocery lists. If you're wondering how to have time to balance a full time career and cook every day, you will enjoy this episode as well as Candice's free weekly meal plans. Candice wants you to know that eating healthy, delicious food doesn't have to feel hard or like it takes too much time. You can all nourish yourself, with a little help, by spending less than 30 minutes in the kitchen each day - less than it takes your take-out order to be delivered. Get inspired to kick the new month off in the kitchen and making more small changes that will lead to a big impact by listening to today's episode

About Candice Walker

candice walker creates weekly meal plans

Candice Walker is the founder of Proportional Plate.  Focusing on self-care & healthy recipes, Proportional Plate is where Candice  share tips, meal plans, & recipes to inspire small changes in your life that make big impacts.

Candice has mastered how to cook, eat, work, play, and live life proportionally – starting by learning how to consciously and sustainably enjoy healthy food. At Proportional Plate, she teaches how to meal plan 

seasonally to reduce waste, minimizing kitchen time so you can enjoy all the other important things in your life!

Candice provides the grocery list and recipes, you do the shopping and cooking. Four meals a week, each serves four people, two vegetarian, two not. If you’re a group of two, the leftovers are great for lunch the next day.

When Candice isn't working, she's thinking about food.  With a booming career, wanting to spend more and more time with my love, and life’s other distractions she found it harder and harder to eat healthy, balanced meals because, well, even thinking about it takes time. She has learned how to enjoy nourishing, delicious, seasonal, balanced meals without spending hours in the kitchen. On Proportional Plate Candice shares recipes created and collected over years of feeding loved ones.

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