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The 12 Days of Fitness Blog Challenge

Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge

12 Days of Fitness

Back for its second year, it’s the 12 Days of Fitness Blog Challenge! 

I created The 12 Days of Fitness Blog Challenge last year to help keep my clients and fans moving during the busy holiday season.  It was a hit and I really enjoyed meeting all the bloggers who participated so I can’t wait to offer it again this year.  If you’ve been looking for a way to stay on track during the holidays, I hope you’ll join us! Read on to learn all of the details and for help setting up your own blog, if you don’t have one yet.

Challenge requirements:

1.) Work out every day from December 25-January 5th for at least 10 minutes.

The goal of this challenge is to get you moving.  It is not meant to have you overdoing things or trying to one-up other challenge members! I want you to feel empowered to join us even if you haven’t been working out much lately and I definitely don’t want you to get injured.

I picked the 10 minute daily goal so that even during the next few super busy days you’ll be able to keep up with the challenge.  Another reason for the 10 min goal? It’s a little bit of a personal trainer secret! While 30 mins of walking each day is the recommended cardio goal for beginners, it can be broken up into 10-15 minute segments for the same health benefits.

My hope is that even if you just get a 10 minute morning or evening walking routine going over the 12 days of the challenge, you’ll be able to add onto it as you head into the New Year.  One of the hardest parts of working on a fitness goal is creating and sticking to a routine.  One of the biggest mistakes I see first time exercisers make is trying to do too much too soon! If you’re thinking of working on a fitness goal this year, I hope you’ll find this challenge to be the perfect way for you to avoid overdoing things and set up a routine.

2.) Share your workout on your blog each day.

Don’t have a blog now? No worries! I got my start on Blogger and recommend it for the challenge. It’s free and easy to use.  I even set my mom up on Blogger so she could join the challenge last year.  All you will need is a google account to get started. In this week’s video, I’ll walk you through setting up Blogger, writing a post, and sharing your post with the Fit Club.  Again, no need to be fancy here! All you need to do is write a quick note about your workout so we can help hold you accountable.  

3.) Share your blog post with us in the Fit Armadillo Fit Club.

Not a member of the Fit Club yet? Get on the A-List and request to join my free online fit club here>>

You’ll also get a free copy of my new eBook 🙂 

Challenge perks:

The main perk of the challenge is that it’s a fun way to stay on track during the holidays.  You’ll get to meet other awesome new accountability partners and increase your blog traffic.

However, there’s more!!!!

Participate in the challenge every day for the full twelve days and get a special secret bonus at the end 😉

I’m so excited to check out your blog and to help you stay moving so you’re ahead of the game come January 1st.

This week’s video is an invite to the challenge and will show you how to set up a Blogger blog: 

Now that you know about the challenge, I want you to take action now!

Share the challenge with any friends or family members who might be interested in joining us and then share your blog’s url below so we can start following you:

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