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Block Island, Rhode Island | Crescent Beach Run

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A Block Island, Rhode Island Beach Run

Looking for a place to visit where you can really get away from it all including your favorite Fit Armadillo online personal trainer

Block Island, Rhode Island is my top choice!

And I promise not to tell your trainer, if you invite me on your trip 😉 ​

Located off the coast of Rhode Island and accessible by ferry boat or plane ( if you're up for the challenge!), Block Island is definitely a place to visit if you're having trouble disconnecting from technology.

Most of the accommodations on the island don't have the best, if any, wifi access and your phone service is also likely to be quite spotty. This past year, I found my phone getting down to barely 10% of a charge because it was trying to roam on the beach!

I didn't plan on skipping sessions with my clients, but that's what ended up happening. Luckily, I was the only Fit Armadillo trainer on island so I was able to hook up my clients with some of the other fun, talented trainers for a change of pace.

If you're visiting the island and want to keep up with your fitness routine, I highly recommend doing what I do when I visit - focusing on cardio!

You can rent a bike, kayak, or do what I love to do, run!

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite running routes that's easily accessible as soon as you head off the ferry. It's an out and back run along Crescent Beach.

Out and Back Running Route Along Crescent Beach

block island running route crescent beach rhode island

No running shoes? No problem! Run out and back along Crescent Beach for a 4.75 mile Block Island run.

If you hit the beach at low tide like I did, you can log just about 5 miles (4.75 miles to be exact) going from Surf Beach (or Kid's Beach as we used to call it!) to Mansion Beach and back. ​

When you start at Surf Beach (named for it's proximity to the Surf Hotel), you'll be a little less than a 1 mile from Fred Benson Town Beach and its beach pavilion. If you're not staying on the island and need a place to shower so as not to annoy your friends, you might want to stop here after your run. 

After Fred Benson beach, you'll pass Scotch Beach at almost exactly one mile into your run.  

mansion beach block island rhode island

Beautiful Mansion Beach on Block Island, Rhode Island, part of my Crescent Beach Run

Then it's onto Mansion Beach. This beach is my personal favorite on Block Island. It's not rocky, there isn't loads of seaweed on the beach, and it's a great place to show off my mad boogie boarding skills.  

Plus it's just gorgeous!

If you're completing this run at low tide like I did, you'll hit the end of Mansion Beach at just under 2.5 miles into your run when you get to the rockiest section of the beach. While you could continue and go over the rocks, I opted not to do that so that's why the run is less than 5 miles as measured. 

mansion beach BIRI end of running route

Halfway point of the run, unless you want to brave these rocks!

All that's left to do is retrace your footsteps and head back to the Surf Hotel!

surf hotel block island rhode island

The Surf Hotel and start and end point of the Crescent Beach run

If you run early enough, you can make it to my favorite happy hour at McAloons (formerly Sharky's).

Their local oysters are just $1 from 3-5 PM and not to be missed! ​

And if you are more of a shoe wearing beach runner, but you forget your running shoes on Block Island?

Have no fear!

One of my other favorite places in run in Rhode Island is Newport, RI.

It's just a ferry ride away and less than a mile from the dock is one of my favorite running shoe stores, Run Newport! They'll definitely hook you up with some sweet kicks to keep you running happy and if you've purchased a copy of my new book you can score your shoes for 20% off - seriously! 

Where are your running shoes taking you this summer?

I'd love to know!

Share in the comments and if you're located somewhere with good internet access and need to train inside, don't forget to book a session with one of your favorite Fit Armadillo trainers. We love coming on vacation with you and since we'll train you over live video chat, we won't be able to steal any of your pina colada 😉 

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