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Easton Beach and Sachuest Beach: Running Newport, RI

Easton's Beach Sachuest Beach Newport, RI Rhode Island beaches

Easton's Beach and Sachuest Beach: 
Newport, RI: Runs 4 & 5

Here at Fit Armadillo, we're all about helping you enjoy fitness at your place, but that doesn't mean you need to work out exclusively at your main abode!

Yes, I encourage you to enjoy your toning sessions inside with one of our fabulous certified personal trainers, yoga, or Pilates instructors.  But, these talented fitness professionals meet you via online fitness sessions.  Unlike gym members, you can tone up with our team of fit pros anywhere your busy life takes you (as long as you also have wifi). 

How about keeping up with your cardio?

While you can definitely enjoy a heart-pumping workout inside with one of our trainers, I highly recommend sneaking in outdoor cardio workouts as a supplement to your indoor online personal training sessions.

You'll get to enjoy all the benefits of Vitamin D, Vitamin Sea (if you follow the tips in this post!), and the chance to explore your surroundings when you travel.

Today's post is the fourth in a series to help you spend your cardio sessions outside when you visit Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is where I got my start in fitness and it's a wonderful place to visit and run any time of year!

The Running Newport, RI Series

Last week, I shared a run starting at the Mill Street Inn. The week before, a Gooseberry Beach run, and I kicked off the series with a running route centered on the Newport Cliff Walk.

Today, I'm bringing you two final Newport, RI running routes.

One will take you along Easton's Beach in Newport, Rhode Island. The second runs along Sachuest Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island. 

Newport Run #4: Easton's Beach (aka First Beach)

Easton's Beach First Beach Newport RI

Just past the Newport Cliff Walk is Easton's Beach

Distance: 2 Miles
Starts at the lifeguard chair near the steps off the parking lot of Easton's Beach
Ends at the same lifeguard chair

Easton's Beach (also known as First Beach by the locals) is a short, but flat, beach making it great for running.

Mile 1

For this two mile run, I started in the center of the beach, ran towards the former Atlantic Beach Club (east) to as far as I could get at high tide, turned around and ran towards the Cliff Walk (west). I hit the one-mile mark right before the rocks on the Newport Cliff Walk side of the beach.

Mile 2

To log another mile, I ran back along the beach to the opposite end (east), turned around at the end of the beach, and finished where I started, at the lifeguard chair.

Newport, Rhode Island Run #5/Middletown, RI Run #1: Sachuest Beach​ (aka Second Beach)
Sachuest Beach Middletown, RI

A 3 mile run along Sachuest Beach (2nd Beach) in Middletown, RI

Distance: 3 Miles
Starts at the main lifeguard chair on Sachuest Beach in Middletown, RI
Ends back at the main lifeguard chair

middletown ri beach second beach run

Start at the main lifeguard chair on Second Beach

Sachuest Beach (or 2nd Beach) is technically in Middletown, Rhode Island. This beach is longer than Easton's Beach and if you want to go in for a dip after your run, should be your beach of choice as there is a lot less seaweed!

Mile 1: Lifeguard Chair to the east end of Sachuest Beach

Start your run at the main lifeguard chair (straight ahead of the concession stand when you stand there and look at the beach and marked by a flag) and head east down the beach. You'll get to the end at about 0.55 miles into your run.

second beach run sachuest beach ri

Half a mile down! Looking at Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge in the distance.

Turn around and head west down the beach to get in your last 0.45 miles to hit mile one just before the lifeguard chair closest to the east end of the beach.

Mile 2: East end to the west end of Second Beach and back to the east

Continue down the beach until you hit the opposite (west) end near Purgatory Chasm. This point will mark 1.68 miles complete, if you started and turned around in the same places I did:

sachuest beach near purgatory chasm.

The west end of Sachuest Beach marks 1.68 miles. More than halfway done!

Turn around at the west most end of Sachuest Beach and head back east. You'll hit mile two halfway between the west end and the main lifeguard chair.

Mile 3: Bringing it home

Continue running past the main lifeguard chair. Don't worry! The lifeguards aren't looking at you, they are too worried about themselves.

Judging by their kettlebell form, they also need to meet with one of our trainers!

Tap the end of the east side of the beach and turn around to hit mile 3 right before you pass the American flag at the lifeguard station.

sachuest beach second beach middletown, ri

Mile 3 comes up right before your starting point.

I hope you enjoyed this series of runs around Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island!

In Newport this week?

Be sure to check out the Newport Marathon this weekend for some running inspiration and to cheer on the participants! While I haven't run the full Newport Marathon, I've run the half marathon twice and highly recommend it. Will you hit a PR? Probably not, thanks to the segment on often windy Ocean Drive. However, the views are well worth it!

Have you tried any of these runs? Have you visited Newport, RI? I'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any of your questions. Leave them with a comment below:​

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