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Mill Street Inn Newport, RI: Downtown Newport to the Mansions

mill street inn downtown newport RI rhode island hotels inns
Mill Street Inn, Newport RI: Easy Access to All of Newport

This August, I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Mill Street Inn located in downtown Newport, Rhode Island.

Of course, I couldn't help but map out a running route from this wonderful Newport hotel!

Whether you're visiting Newport, RI for a work trip, bachelorette party, or family vacation, I'd highly recommend the Mill Street Inn. This inn has a wonderful breakfast, ocean views, and its location makes it easy to access all that Newport has to offer.

Boasting super speedy wifi, the Mill Street Inn even makes it easy to keep up with your fitness sessions, if you're smart enough to be working with a Fit Armadillo online personal trainer, private Pilates ,or yoga instructor.

Enjoy toning up with Fit Armadillo one day of your Newport, RI stay, then complete this running route to check out some of the sights on foot for a great cardio workout. 

​Newport, RI Run #3: Mill Street Inn to the Cliff Walk, Bellevue Avenue, Thames Street and Back

mil street inn downtown newport, ri

Five Mile Mill Street Inn Running Route in Newport, Rhode Island

Distance: 5 Miles
Starts after a warmup walk from the Mill Street Inn to the intersection of Bellevue Ave and Memorial Blvd
Ends at Touro Park on Mill Street

Warmup: Mill Street Inn to Bellevue Ave

When I went on my run from the Mill Street Inn, my legs were feeling pretty tight! That's why I opted to warm up by walking first. 

I'd highly recommend doing the same and walking through Touro Park as you head east down Mill Street toward Bellevue Avenue. If you start your run at the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Memorial Boulevard like I did, you'll get in a nice 1/3 of a mile warmup.

Mile 1: Bellevue Ave and Memorial Blvd to ​the Cliff Walk

When you get to the intersection of Bellevue and Memorial, cross the street and start your run at the Talbots on the corner. Run east down Memorial Blvd towards the Easton's Beach/Memorial Blvd entrance to the Newport Cliff Walk. 

newport cliff walk newport rhode island run walk

The Newport Cliff Walk entrance on Memorial Blvd

You'll get to the Cliff Walk entrance after running downhill and passing the Chanler hotel.  

Once on the Cliff Walk, you'll run past many of the beautiful Newport mansions (for more pictures of this section of the run, check out my Newport Cliff Walk running route) while enjoying a nice ocean breeze.  You'll reach mile one right before Forty Steps.

Mile 2: Newport Cliff Walk to Marine Avenue

Keep running on the Cliff Walk past Salve Regina University The Breakers mansion, across the Ruggles Avenue exit and past the private Angelsea estate.

angelsea cliff walk newport RI

The Newport Cliff Walk with part of the Angelsea Estate shown on the right

You'll enjoy a short run downhill along the Cliff Walk as you pass the rest of the Angelsea Estate before heading over a short rocky portion (walking is encouraged here) to get to the Marine Avenue exit. Take the exit, a dirt road, and run down Marine Ave until you get back to Bellevue Avenue. The mile two marker for this run is about halfway down Marine Ave.

Mile 3: Marine Ave to Narragansett Ave

After hitting the mile 2 mark on Marine Ave and taking a right to head down Bellevue, you'll hit mile 3 when you come to the intersection of Bellevue and Narragansett and see the statue at The Newport Preservation society (see last week's running route for some pics).

The Elms mansion newport RI

Entrance to The Elms and a peek of this Newport mansion from outside the gate

Mile 4: Narragansett to Memorial to Thames Street 

Keep running down Bellevue and you'll pass Newport mansion, The Elms, on your left. Cross the street here to be ready to get down to Thames Street for some running/window shopping before you hit mile 4.

talbots newport ri bellevue

At the Bellevue Ave/Memorial Blvd Intersection, take a left to continue your run

When you get to the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Memorial Blvd, which you should recognize from your starting point, take a left onto Memorial Blvd. Cross the street to get on the right side of Memorial Blvd so you can easily take a right onto Thames Street when it's time. 

Before you get to the intersection of Memorial and Thames, you'll notice a Catholic Church on the left side of Memorial Blvd. The church, St. Mary's, is where John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Bouvier got married.

St. Mary's Church Newport, RI

Before you turn onto Thames, you'll pass St. Mary's Church where John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier

Depending on when you visit Newport, you might be able to check out a presentation on the wedding.

Once you pass St. Mary's Church, take a right onto Thames. You'll pass the mile 4 marker around Bannister's Wharf.

Bannisters Wharf Newport, RI

When you see Bannister's Wharf, you've hit 4 miles!

Mile 5: Bannister's Wharf to Run Newport to Touro Park

Keep running down Thames Street and take​ a left when you get to the Museum of Newport History.  This short segment explains the weird shape of this running route! I wanted you to be able to check out the awesome Run Newport store off of Long Wharf Mall.

While visiting, I got a great deal on my fave Brooks running shoes and stocked up on cute gifts.  If you're a runner, I know you'll love this shop, too and I didn't want you to miss it!

Running store newport RI

Run Newport in Newport, RI has something for every runner on your gift list! BONUS: All shoes are gluten free 😉

From the Run Newport shop, turn around and head back down Thames past Queen Ann Square to get to Mill Street.

Queen Ann Square newport, ri

Queen Ann Square on Thames Street right before the Mill Street turn

Take a left to run up Mill Street and back to the Mill Street Inn or down to Touro Park for the complete 5 miles and to cool down properly before heading back to your hotel.

If you're going to complete any of my Newport running routes, I hope you'll try this one so you can enjoy downtown Newport, the Newport Cliff Walk, Bellevue Avenue, and window shopping at Run Newport!

To catch up on this series, head HERE.

Can't get enough of running around Newport, RI? 

You're in luck! Next week, I'm sharing two more Newport, RI runs. Both are beach runs. One is in Newport, the other takes you along Second Beach in the neighboring town, Middletown, RI.

Have you visited Newport, RI? Were you there for business or pleasure? I'd love to hear about your trip and which of these runs you might have tried or plan to check out for yourself. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below: ​

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