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“Diet” is a four letter word for a reason!


The word diet has four letters. Coincidence? We think not! Scrap this word from your vocabulary and start thinking about food as your fuel, carbs as your friend, and happiness as something you don’t need to cut out.  There’s a reason diets don’t work.  Although many diets might make you lose weight, it’s often at […]

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What’s for dinner? Wednesday

You may find it hard to believe, but it’s already Wednesday thanks to Labor Day being the start of the week.  That means it’s What’s for Dinner? Wednesday! This week we’re breaking out our crock pots to make some Italian Meatballs.  Slow cook your way to delicious, healthy, and multi-talented packs of protein goodness with […]

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Tighten + Tone Tuesday


Happy Tighten and Tone Tuesday! Today we’re going to review proper form for a plank.  This is a great exercise that surprisingly doesn’t require you to know a pirate or touch a wood board (we hate splinters too much to make you do something like that and don’t live close enough to the Caribbean for […]

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Welcome to Preseason!

We’re very excited to meet some of our new fans who have signed up for our Fit Academy!  Today is the first day of preseason.  The goal of preseason is to meet some new accountability partners on our Private Facebook Group and have a place to start logging your workouts or healthy eating decisions.  We […]

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