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King Tut Day Pyramid Workout

king tut day

It’s King Tut Day!Today, November 4th, marks the anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamen​’s tomb by British Archaeologist, Howard Carter, in 1922.To celebrate that day, I’m sharing my favorite pyramid style interval workout with you.Here’s what to do to work out like an Egyptian piece of architecture (maybe not as fun as walking like an Egyptian, […]

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Make a Difference When You Work Out

make a difference charity miles

Having trouble getting motivated to work out? What if your workouts were part of something bigger?  What if by working out you could make a difference? The Charity Miles app lets you do just that-make a difference when you work out!After downloading the app turn it on while walking, running, or biking to earn money for your […]

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A Fun Healthy Snack for Kids

Need a #HealthySnack idea that’s #KidFriendly? Grab a #watermelon and get ready to be the #BestMomEver! Click to Tweet Happy Labor Day!Today I have a quick post about a healthy snack for kids that you can enjoy today or any day! I came up with the *genius* idea this weekend…. It was hot and humid and I did […]

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Want to Work Out at Home?

Want to Work Out at Home?Now you can!It’s Catherine here with my first blog post in a few weeks (sorry!)  Where have I been? Working hard to bring you something amaZING, of course! I wouldn’t just leave you hanging for no reason (and if you’re on my A-List you know I haven’t totally left you hanging!).It […]

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Teachers’ Tone Up – THANK YOU!

Teachers’ Tone Up – THANK YOU In between teaching my first Pilates class at the YMCA and starting my own fitness business, I was a classroom teacher. And while fitness is definitely my real passion, I really missed helping my teacher friends use fitness to energize their busy days so they could make an even bigger […]

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Bombas Socks

Bumbling Around in My Bombas Socks – A Review   One of the most fun things about having a fitness business with an online presence, is that I often get to try out cool products for free 🙂  Well, most of the time this is awesome. Sometimes I have days when random pitches flood my inbox […]

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