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Debunking Fitness Myths at Verizon Wireless

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Debunking Fitness Myths at Verizon Wireless

Last week, I found myself at Verizon Wireless due to an unfortunate incident at the Museum of Natural History.

The incident?

A dinosaur stole my dumb phone! It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with for the phone’s disappearance.  I last had my phone at the museum and when we called lost and found, they said a few smartphones had been turned in, but not my phone.

I can’t figure out why anyone living in this millennium would have wanted my old phone. So the next time you’re in Washington, D.C., if you see a dino with a cellphone, please report him! I have some cute pics of my bunny on that phone and I’m sure calling an extinct dinosaur friend will not be good for my phone bill!

All this backstory has a point–I promise! This incident resulted in the need for a trip to Verizon Wireless.  That’s where the story turned into inspiration for this week’s video.

While I was checking out sports watches, I started talking to one of the sales guys about his fitness routine (I just can’t help myself!).  Unfortunately, this conversation ended in me realizing that one of my biggest fitness myth pet peeves is still alive and well.

Are you guilty of still believing it?

Find out and learn the fitness facts in this week’s episode:

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I’d love to know:

1.) Do you need to confess to still believing in this fitness myth (until now, of course 😉 )?

2.) Do you use a sports watch to monitor your workouts? If so, tell me how you use it and which one you love!


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