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Exercises for Low Back Pain

low back pain exercises

Exercises for Low Back Pain

Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! This week’s video is dedicated to Kim who requested some exercises she could do at home to prevent low back pain.  Low back pain is very common in our society, due to the fact that many of us sit for most of the day.

If this issue is so common, what can you do to prevent it? While you may think that low back pain comes from a weak back, it’s often caused by weak abdominal muscles or tightness in muscles that surround the back.  That means that to prevent low back pain you need to strengthen your low back, abs, AND work on your flexibility!

In this week’s video I’ll be sharing some exercises from Pilates class that will help you strengthen your abs and back and increase your flexibility.  The reason I’m using Pilates exercises to answer this question is not only because they can be done without any equipment. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method, had centering as one of his 6 main principals. Centering to Mr. Pilates meant that every move started from the powerhouse, or what we commonly refer to as the core. What is the core? It’s comprised of the muscles that support the middle section of our body, our abs and back.  Basically, Pilates was made to prevent low back issues!

Ready to check out some simple exercises for preventing low back pain? Here’s the video:

*Only complete these exercises if you’ve been cleared to do so by your physician.


Now that you’ve watched this video, I want you to take action now! Leave me a comment sharing some of your favorite exercises to prevent low back pain or tell me about your experiences in Pilates class 🙂 


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