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Green Juice and Weight Loss: Do the Two Go Hand in Hand?

Green smoothies and weight loss

Green juice and weight loss: do the two go hand in hand? This week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday video will answer that very question.

With summer right around the corner green juice, green smoothies, and cleanses are very popular right now, but this fad that is more likely to hurt than help you reach your weight loss goals.  Now, I know some of you may not be too happy with me right now. I mean if it works for Hollywood and your friend Jan (name changed because I don’t know your friend’s actual name…), it will work for you, right? Not exactly.

In this week’s video you’ll learn why green juice and green smoothies aren’t the best weight loss tool.  You’ll also find out which of the two green drinks is the lesser of two “evils” if you’re a serious green juice addict.  Finally, whether you’re currently on the green juice bandwagon or just feel some serious peer pressure  to get on it due to your Instagram feed, you’ll also learn what your next steps should be.

To get the facts on green drinks and learn why you should go green for the planet instead of your waistline, catch the video here:

Did you enjoy this video? It’s OK if you didn’t, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Share them with a comment below and don’t forget to tell me your revised plan for getting bikini ready: 

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