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Health Coaches vs. Personal Trainers

Health Coaches vs. Personal Trainers

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I have a confession to make…

Sometimes I want to call myself a health coach.

While personal trainers and health coaches ultimately have the same goal, to help their clients achieve healthy lifestyles, trainers tend to have a bad reputation.

Health coaches are often seen as way more approachable than personal trainers, who are often thought of as evil drill sergeants. I promise, we aren’t all that bad!

Another misconception that makes me want to call myself a health coach?

The fact that health coaches have higher credentials for offering nutritional guidance than personal trainers.

That just isn’t true!

The top of the health world in terms of nutrition is a registered dietician.

So if health coaches and trainers have the same goals for their clients and one isn’t more qualified than the other in terms of the nutrition advice they are qualified to provide, how are they different?

That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this week’s episode of Tighten and Tone Tuesday.

Tune in now to get my overview of health coaches vs. personal trainers:


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