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Healthy Halloween!


Can you believe we’re half way through October?  Here in Houston, TX the weather for most of this month has been tricking us into thinking it’s still July.  While the weather may not be reminiscent of fall back in our native Connecticut, the Halloween decorations around town have brought us back to reality.  Yesterday, there was the bowl of Halloween candy we saw at the car wash.  Today, Whole Foods had out a box for Halloween costume donations for kids (awesome idea, right!).  There is no denying that it’s October and almost Halloween.  With this spooky holiday only two weeks away, you’re likely to run into a party or two.  Afraid of having the candy focused holiday ruin the good habits you’ve been working on?  In this post we’re sharing some of the most creative and healthy Halloween treat ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest. Use them on the little ones or share them with fellow adult ghouls.  
If you or your favorite mini goblins love to gobble up tangerines and oranges, they’re bound to get a kick out of any of these Halloween-inspired clementine and orange based snacks:
Are your children afraid of citrus fruits? Do you have a more of an “I love to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas” bunch? Try one of these two lunch box-friendly ideas.  We aren’t parents yet, but we’d send our kids a note about how much their “mummy” loves them if we packed the apple mummy. Or maybe a “bunch” of yogurt covered banana ghosts for them and their spooky friends:
 When your kids get home from school and complain about how hungry they are, be prepared with a healthy sandwich that’s so cute, you can trick them into forgetting about eating candy…for now. We love these mummy pizzas and jack-o-lantern cheese and turkey sandwiches:
Trying to get in some extra protein? You’ll love these two “eggcellent” versions of egg ghosts.  We love the idea that egg decorating doesn’t need to be limited to Easter time!  For an adult party, we dig the second egg ghosts with eyes made of pomegranate seeds – yum!  
What beautiful fingers you have, my pretty!  Here are a five more finger food ideas, one for your pinky, ring, middle, index finger, and thumb.  Although, we don’t recommend holding them all at once.  Mozzarella cheese makes the fingers here.  Bring on more fruits to make banana ghosts, clementine and celery stick pumpkins, and apple and almond jaws.  Carrots make the pumpkins for your hummus dip-yum! If you’re a cheese lover, enjoy a ball of cheddar with a pretzel stem:
Finally, if you’re really a health nut, you have to love “green juice.” Here are two green drinks chock full of healthy greenery.  The kid’s monster smoothie has spinach, pineapple, milk, and a few other ingredients. Read more here. For the adults, the spooky cocktail uses kiwis and mint leaves for its base:
Are you feeling inspired to celebrate a Healthy Halloween? Which recipe are you dying to try? Check our “Healthy Halloween” Pinterest board for all the spooky details.  Then share your thoughts with a comment below:

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