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Four Healthy Pizza Recipes

Four Healthy Pizza Recipes for What’s for Dinner? Wednesday!

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It’s What’s for Dinner Wednesday and we are not in Houston anymore! That means I don’t have access to a kitchen so I couldn’t share a new recipe idea.  To make up for it I thought I’d recap some of my favorite healthy pizza recipes with you. Enjoy one today or buy the ingredients and make it for Pizza and Wine Friday! Do you celebrate it? It’s a big holiday in the Fit Armadillo household. It might not have the same ring to it as What’s for Dinner? Wednesday, but it’s definitely at least as much fun 😉

Pizza #1: Pumpkin Pizza

pumpkin pizza

This one really needs no introduction, right? It’s PERFECT for getting into the spirit of the month of October 🙂 This was actually the first pizza recipe I shared for a What’s for Dinner? Wednesday post! It was inspired by my dear friends at The American Council on Exercise.  I’m actually typing this post right down the road from ACE headquarters today (well, sort of…I’m in Carlsbad, ACE is in San Diego). Grab the full recipe and a don’t-miss tip if you’re a newb chef like me HERE>>

Pizza #2: Argentinian Flat Bread Pizza

flatbread pizza

This pizza also hold a special place in my pizza-loving heart. It’s the first pizza recipe I ever tried on my own back in college. I’ve made it many, many, times and in the beginning the dough came out a little different each time.  Luckily, I’ve become more consistent (probably thanks to my awesome bread machine!). I shared this number for New Year’s Day last year as it takes a little longer if you want to make your own dough.  It’s very very yummy especially with my favorite wine, Rioja/Tempranillo. I’m not sophisticated enough to know the difference between the two. Are you? I promise if you like red wine and try it with this pizza, you won’t be disappointed. If you are? Well, I’ll just come over and finish your wine for you.  Get back to business and pizza making HERE>>

Pizza #3: Mini Steak and Cheese Pizzas

steak cheese pizza

You know what they say, “good things come in small packages.” The saying applies to pizza in addition to personal trainers 😉  You get to have more than one pie all to yourself when you whip up this recipe. Each mini pizza and bite will bursting with flavor too.  Grab the only beef recipe on this list HERE>>

Pizza #4: Fig and Proscuitto Pizza

pizza recipe

Save the best for last? I shared this pizza recipe on my birthday back in July (which is scary to think about because that means I only have about 6 months left to say that I’m not 30 yet :/ – appropriate to be scared in October, I guess…). At that time is was my new favorite pizza recipe. It’s not really new anymore and Mr. Fit Armadillo has actually become quite obsessed with it! However, it’s still one of the tastiest recipes I’ve tried. See how it ranks on your pizza scale by grabbing the recipe HERE>>

And there you have it: Four healthy pizza recipes. Fit Armadillo tested and hopefully soon-to-be reader approved. Which one will you try? Share with a comment below: 

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