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HIIT Workouts: What are they anyway?

hiit workouts

What is a HIIT Workout?

This Tighten + Tone Tuesday I’m shedding some light on HIIT workouts. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone and their mother is ALL about HIIT training these days? Whether you aren’t getting your HIIT on just yet or have tried HIIT routines and just aren’t sure what the big deal is, you’re in the right place. This week’s video is all about HIIT Workouts.

In this video you’ll learn what a HIIT workout is, how often to complete HIIT workouts and how to make sure you’re getting the full benefits of the workout.  HIIT is an acronym and although I’ll save it’s true meaning for the video, I’ll also tell you how to make sure your HIIT workout includes the two key components ,”HI” and “IT,” correctly.

So without further ado, I present to you this week’s episode of Tighten + Tone Tuesday:

HIIT workouts get so much hype because they let you increase your cardiovascular (heart) health through shorter sessions. Now, as I mentioned in the video, you don’t want to do HIIT workouts everyday, however, they are a great way to change up your routine and get in a quick, effective workout when your extra busy.  One of the most hyped versions of HIIT workouts is the Tabata workout.  In next week’s video I’ll tell you all about this version of HIIT so stay tuned!

Now that you’ve watched this video I want you to put what you learned into action! Make a plan to incorporate a HIIT workout this week.  Then leave me a comment telling me the type of workout you’ll complete and the interval lengths you’ll use during your session:


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