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How to Select the Right Running Shoes

Happy Tighten and Tone Tuesday!

This week, I'm talking about two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world: running and shoes!

If you’re here to learn how to select the right running shoes for your feet, don’t worry. I’m not going to break out my stiletto shoe collection and go for a run (or will I?). Instead, I'll be sharing tips to make your running shoe shopping trip go more smoothly. 

Another spoiler alert: The big takeaway from this video is the importance of buying your running shoes for comfort and function versus style.

I won’t tell you to stop buying impractical shoes altogether, because I wear my fair share when I'm not running (like... OMG an AMAZING pair I've had since high school that just broke, but I found again on my FAVE WEBSITE EVER for $10!!!! if you use code BDDMH you can get $5 off when you sign up but....back to running.....). However, I will give you some tips that will make changing up the way you shop for your running shoes easier to understand.

Selecting the Right Running Shoes for your Feet:

Interested in checking out the shoe finder tool I talked about?

Visit it on Runner’s World by clicking HERE>>

One of the online shoe stores that offers an extended warranty is Road Runner Sports. Check them out through THIS link>>

Are you starting a running routine? If so, have you bought new running shoes yet? Share your thoughts on my tips and your new routine by leaving a comment below. Know someone who might enjoy this video? Please share it to spread the word.

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