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How to Use a Foam Roller

how to use a foam roller

Last week I talked to you about the benefits of foam rolling and I promised that I’d teach you how to use a foam roller this week. Well, I’m a woman of my word! This week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday video will walk you through proper foam rolling technique so you can enjoy all the benefits of foam rolling in your next workout.  Missed last week’s video and find yourself having trouble figuring out why you’d want to use a chubby pool noodle in your workout? Get the 411 here>>

The foam roller is such a great fitness tool, that I’d say it was worth its weight in gold if it didn’t weigh so little! I didn’t start foam rolling until I had to because of an injury, but every time I go to a fitness conference these days, the presenters can’t praise this tool enough. If you haven’t had to deal with an injury yet, you are one lucky chica (or chico, if my femininely colored website didn’t scare you away 😉 ).  But please, don’t push your luck! The foam rolling band wagon is one you definitely want to get on TODAY.

So grab your foam roller and get ready to learn how we roll! I’ll teach you how to use your foam roller to work on your IT Bands, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves, Piriformis muscles, and Adductors, oh my! I’ll also tell you when to foam roll and how long to get your roll on. 

Learn how to foam roll, by clicking the video:

Now that you know how to use a foam roller, I want you to take action now! Leave me a comment letting me know how you’re going to incorporate your foam roller into your routine and why this somewhat silly looking fitness tool is nothing to laugh about:




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